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Monday, 22-May-2017 21:00:41 EDT

In August 2005, SayItCornell.com was founded as a portal for the community of Cornell in Markham, Ontario. More than a listing board or an events site, SayItCornell.com created a vehicle for residents to exchange real-life stories, share the mundane and the profound, and – above all – it provided a one-stop web source for information used and needed by the residents of the Cornell community.

Over the years the site grew to encompass the larger city and then, further to that, its surrounding region(s). Today, we stand tall at the top of SayItCanada.ca. Rebranded, redesigned, relaunched and, as a celebration on its seventh anniversary in 2012, we continue to extend to our fellow Canadians the very convenience this website was designed to thrive on. Ambitious? Yah, just a little... but you'll love us for it!

So why visit us? As there are literally thousands of these sites in the cybersphere, that's a good question!

  • We want to be the echo for your voice in your community. There's no catch – all you have to do is SAY IT!
  • Send us your community events and we will list them for free. Simply SAY IT!
  • Send us your articles and links to things you find interesting and we will post them. Really, we want you to just SAY IT, CANADA! Say it can...

We are also, of course, a business. We provide cost competitive advertising, listing, and sponsorship opportunites for large and small businesses alike. Need a voice, need an ad, or need to increase your reach? Contact us and we will help you to – yep – SAY IT!

With a creative flair and a personable tone, we invite you to become a part of SayItCanada.ca. And come back often! Our content is rich and ever-changing. Our tone and approach is – and will always remain – casual, open, and informative. And you can expect that we will from time to time be just a little bit cheeky! Why not push buttons every once in a while...?

Often copied but never thoroughly duplicated. We know who they are... We can only be flattered! But bottom line, SayItCanada.ca is simply just for you! So SAY IT!

Living it. Loving it. CANADA!

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