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whitchurch stouffville hiking / walking trails
HIKING / WALKING TRAILS is an information resource and is not in any way affiliated with the Forest Trails listed. For more information, maps, and safety guides, please contact Ontario Trails Council directly at 1.877.668.7245 or visit their website:

Glen Major Forest and Walker Woods
TRCA owns this 1548 hectare environmentally significant forest located on the Oak Ridges Moraine, in the Duffins Creek Watershed. This mixed deciduous and coniferous forest, provides many important environmental functions including:

The Ontario Heritage Foundation owns approximately 72 hectares of land, situated between Walker Woods and Glen Major Forest, which TRCA manages. This property provides a strategic natural heritage corridor which links the two TRCA properties.

Stouffville Town Trail
The trail starts south of Main Street Stouffville (in Memorial Park South) and makes its way north through Memorial Park and up to the shops on Main Street. The trail continues north up the Stouffville Creek to Millard Street. Crossing Millard Street, the trail winds its way through and around the Stouffville Reservoir. The trail lends itself to a multi-purpose hike.

Connected to the new Library/Leisure Centre, a warm-up in the fitness room, swim in the pool and/or relaxing and reading in the library is ideal at the start or finish of your hike. Memorial Park is an excellent picnic area (with washrooms opened daily) and offers many activities for the whole family. On Main Street Stouffville there are opportunities for lunch or to visit the famous heritage buildings. The Stouffville Reservoir is 52 acres, rich in environmental heritage.

The natural footpath winds its way through assorted wood lots and around wetlands, allowing the hiker to explore some of the wildlife and bird watching that the Oak Ridges Moraine has to offer. A full day of activities and enjoyment can be found along this trail. Parking at the library on Library Lane.

Vandorf Park Trail
This trail is in a quiet park setting situated on top of the Oak Ridges Moraine. The trail through the park will take you past one of the many tributaries of the East Holland River. This is an excellent start or finish point for the Oak Ridges Trail as the Vandorf Park Trail is part of the Oak Ridges Trail that stretches 200 km across the Moraine.

The Whitchurch- Stouffville Museum is situated beside the Park and is an added attraction for those who want to discover more about the history and heritage of the area. With the museum, trail and park setting, this trail is an excellent opportunity for an afternoon full of activities for the whole family: walking, cross-country skiing or picnicking. The woodlands and small ponds in and around the Park enhance the wildlife watching activity available on this trail.

Walker Woods Trail
The Oak Ridges Moraine is Canada’s largest moraine. Created when a glacier retreated between 10000 and 12000 years ago, a massive 170 km long ridge, ranging in width from two to thirty km, was left behind.

The hills are composed of sandy and gravelly soil with the underlying till or boulder clay protruding in places to form high ridges. Where a large block of ice broke off the glacier, a hole would be left when it melted, forming a lake, pond or wetland.

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