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richmond hill libraries
LIBRARIES is an information resource and is not in any way affiliated with the Ammenities listed. For more information, please contact Town of Richmond Hill main switchboard at 905.771.8800 directly or visit the Richmond Hill Public Library website:

Central Library
The Central Library, with 60,000 square feet of public space was designed by A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt and Company and opened in 1993. The building subsequently won the Governor General's Award for Architecture (1994), the Portland Cement Association Concrete Building Award (1994), and the Financial Post Design Effectiveness Award for Architectural Design (1995).

Library service is delivered in two double volume spaces with both traditional library spaces and state of the art library technology. Ample natural light, comfortable reading and study spaces, and a coffee shop contribute to an enjoyable visit. Programs for children, young adults, and adults are run throughout the year.

The Central Library houses up to 170,000 volumes. As an information and educational resource, it provides in-depth collections in all formats such as print and e-books; print and online magazines and newspapers; plus print, microfilm, and digitized local history information. In addition it provides fast-moving popular materials such as DVDs, videos, audio CDs, paperbacks, and bestselling fiction.

The first floor has the Children's Department and the Browsery. Meeting rooms are located on the second floor. Adult materials are kept on the third floor with reference sources, magazines, newspapers, as well as fiction and non-fiction materials. Library administration and the Local History Room are found on the fourth floor.

Central Library attracts more than 12,000 in-person users per week and circulation from this site is one million

1 Atkinson Street | Richmond Hill, Ontario | Tel: 905.884.9288

Oak Ridges Moraine Library
The Oak Ridges Moraine Library opened in 1990, replacing the Charles Connor Memorial Library which was located on the King Sideroad.

About 6,000 square feet in size, Oak Ridges Moraine Library is a storefront location that was designed by architect Phillip Carter to take advantage of its special features, and washed by light from large windows.

It provides fast-moving collections of books, CD's, videos, and magazines for everyone, from babies to seniors, comfortable spaces to sit and read, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Programs and storytime sessions for

13085 Yonge Street, Unit 12 | Richmond Hill, Ontario | Tel: 905.773.5533

Richmond Green Library
The Richmond Green Library is a new and different branch library for Richmond Hill. Located in the Richmond Green Park immediately adjacent to Leslie Street, the facility serves as both the public library branch for local residents as well as the school library for the adjacent Richmond Green Secondary School.

The secondary school students benefit from a facility 3 times larger than the typical high school library and are able to use an extensive collection of print materials. Students also have access to specialized digital curriculum via one of the school's computer laboratories that are open to the public library after school hours. Programs for children, young adults, and adults are run throughout the year.

1 William F Bell Parkway | Richmond Hill, Ontario | Tel: 905.780.0711

Richvale Library
The Richvale Library opened in 1983, replacing a smaller library on the same site. About 8,000 square feet in size it was designed by architect Philip Carter to blend into the community around it.

It's a particulary airy space, like a living room that just happens to provide you with a great collection of books, CD's, videos, and magazines, as well as comfortable spaces to sit and read, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you find what you want. Programs and storytime sessions for children are run throughout the year.

40 Pearson Avenue | Richmond Hill, Ontario | Tel: 905.889.2847

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