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markham parks
PARKS is an information resource and is not in any way affiliated with the Ammenities listed. For more information, please contact the City of Markham at 905.477.7000 directly:

Armstrong Park
Located on the south side of Major Button's Drive, south of Hwy 7, and west of Wootten Way. This park is also associated with William Armstrong Public School and contains two baseball diamonds, a playground, and two soccer fields.

Aldergrove Park
Located on Aldergrove Drive south of Denison Street. This park is bordered by Aldergrove Public School and St. Benedict Catholic School. The park has benches, walkways, a baseball diamond, a playground, two small soccer fields, and one full-sized soccer field.

Armadale Park
Located south of Denison Street and west of McCowan Road at Armadale Community Centre. This park has one baseball diamond, a playground, two soccer fields, four tennis courts, and a limited basketball court, all connected by a pathway system. The park is home to the Armadale Tennis Club.

Austin Drive Park
Located north of Highway 7, south of Austin Drive, between Kennedy By-pass and Bullock Drive. This park contains a portion of the Rouge River, a wooded area, and two water bodies – the larger one to the east known as Waldon Pond. It is a forest regeneration area with pathways for walking, running, and bird watching.

Bayview Reservoir
Located on the southeast corner of Bayview Avenue and Sycamore Drive, north of Thornlea Secondary School. This park also serves as a water reservoir for the Thornhill Community. Adjacent to the Thornlea Secondary School, there are tennis courts and an indoor pool. The park also has five soccer fields, two baseball fields, a playground, and ample parking.

Bishop's Cross Park
Located north of John Street, east of Leslie Street, and east of R. J. Clatworthy Arena. This park has two lit baseball and soccer fields and a large playground. It is the home for the Thornhill Soccer Club and Thornhill Baseball League.

Carlton Park
Located south of Carlton road, west of the Village Parkway. This park has a lit baseball diamond, a soccer field, a playground, and nine tennis courts.

Cedar Valley
Located on the south and north sides of Raymerville Drive, just west of Snider Dr. This park has been restored to regenerate the area as a more diverse natural area. Planned and planted by the Robinson Creek Restoration Committee and local schools, the park is home to many species of birds. A looped pathway and bridge makes this area accessible for bird watching.

Centennial Park
Located on the northwest corner of McCowan Road and Bullock Drive, it is adjacent to Centennial Community Centre and north of Markville Shopping Centre. This park features two lit ball diamonds, one soccer field, and two play areas.

Clark Young Woods
Located on Birchmount Road just north of 14th Avenue. This park contains a woodlot and pathway for strolling and/or jogging.

Cornell Indoor Playground
Located in the Cornell Community Centre on Bur Oak Avenue, north of Hwy 7 and south of Church Street by Markham Stouffville Hospital. It is an area for children to play in a safe, controlled, and fun environment. The room features a soft play indoor playground system including a variety of equipment to physically and mentally stimulate children.

Crosby Park
Located east of Crosby Community Centre, this park is bordered by Parkview Public School, Crosby Memorial Arena & Community Centre, and the Unionville Curling Club. It features three baseball diamonds and a soccer field.

Denison Park
Located on the north side of Denison Street at Mallory Avenue, just east of Kennedy. This park contains a baseball diamond, a basketball court, a playground, and a picnic area.

Elson Park
Located on Elson Street, east of Middlefield Road. This park contains a baseball diamond, a soccer field, a basketball court, and a natural woodlot.

German Mills Settlers Park
Located south of John Street and west of Leslie Street. This natural area park is part of the German Mills Creek system. Within its walking area, a gazebo commemorates the Millennium.

Grandview Park
Located on Grandview Avenue, west of Henderson Road. This park has two baseball diamonds, two lit tennis courts, a playground, and a woodlot.

Highgate Park
Located at Highgate Drive, east of Birchmount Road. This park has one lit baseball diamond, a playground, one soccer field, and six tennis courts.

Huntington Park
Located on Huntington Park Drive, east of Lambert Road. This park has one lit baseball diamond, two soccer fields, junior and senior playgrounds, pathways, and a naturalized area.

James Edward Park
Located on Elson Street, across from James Edward Public School. This park holds a baseball diamond, a soccer field, a playground, a waterplay area, walkways, benches, and a drinking fountain.

John Button Waterway
Located north and south of John Button Boulevard, south of 16th Avenue. This park is an open space with pathways that connect from Apple Creek to 16th Avenue.

Markham Civic Centre
Located beside the Markham Civic Centre at Town Centre Boulevard and Highway 7, this park features a reflecting pond, fountain and extensive pathway system.

Milliken Mills Park
Located south of Kennedy Road and 14th Avenue. This park is bordered to the east by the Milliken Mills Community Centre, a McDonalds's restaurant, and Milliken Mills High School. It features five lit baseball diamonds, five soccer fields, a playground, a water play facility, two basketball courts, and a Bocce court. In addition, it has playgrounds and picnic areas.

Milne Dam Conservation Park
Located on the east side of McCowan Rd and south of Hwy 7. This park is the largest park in Markham. It is bound by thick forest on the southern and eastern edges with the Rouge River running through the middle. Over two kilometres of trails are suitable for walking, jogging, and cycling. Milne Park is a stop-off point for many migratory birds, and can be best viewed in the early mornings and evenings during spring and fall.

Fishing is allowed with a MNR fishing permit (available at bait shops and Canadian Tire stores). The park is open for vehicles from 8:00 am until dusk from Victoria Day weekend until Thanksgiving. Admission to the park is free during the week. A parking fee is charged on weekends and statutory holidays.

Mintleaf Park
Located on the north side of Fincham Ave and east of Wootten Way. This park contains a ball diamond, two soccer fields, and one playground.

Monarch Park
Located on Waterbridge Lane, north of Heatherwood Crescent. This park is bordered by St. Matthew's Catholic School and combines a baseball diamond and a soccer field at the north end of the park. A natural area is located to the east.

Morgan Park
Located on the southeast corner of Parkway Ave and George St. This park is home to the Markham Lawn Bowling Club and Morgan Pool (public and outdoors). It also supports athletic activity with its baseball diamond, playground, and two tennis courts.

Mount Joy Lake
Located on 16th Ave, east of Hwy 48, adjacent to Brother Andre Catholic Secondary School. This park has an outdoor skating rink in winter. The adjacent community centre houses a large indoor ice rink operating from September to April, an indoor soccer facility, and a boardroom.

Paramount Park
Located on the east side of Paramount Dr, between Fincham Ave south to Church St. The waterway of this park is a tributary of the Rouge River, with nearly 1km for pathways. A small toboggan hill is located at Parkway Ave and Paramount Dr.

Pomona Mills Park
Located on the north side of John Street, east and west of Henderson Avenue. This park is part of the East Don Valley. It has a soccer pitch, a playground, pathways, and is home to the Pomona Valley Tennis Club.

Quantztown Park
Located on Carlton Road, west of McCowan. This park has junior and senior playgrounds, a soccer field, and pathways.

Raybeck Park
Located on the north side of Raymerville Dr, west of Beck Dr, This park features a baseball diamond, a playground, and soccer field. The walkway system connects to Springdale Park.

Raymerville Woodlot
Located on the north side of Raymerville Dr, just west of Beck Dr. This park is a mature semi-wild woodlot of cedar, maple, and beech trees.

Reesor Park
Located on the east side of Wootten Way N, south of Ramona Blvd. This park is home to the Markham Tennis Club and public sports fields including three baseball diamonds, playground, six tennis courts, and three soccer fields.

Risebrough Park
Located on Risebrough Circuit, north of Empringham Crescent. This park has two baseball diamonds and a picnic shelter.

Royal Orchard Park
Located on the north side of Royal Orchard, north and south of Kirk Drive, and east of Baythorn Drive.

Skateboard Park
Markham's 15,000sq.ft. outdoor skateboard park is open to the public. Features include a full street course with fun boxes, 8 step and 3+3 step stairs, flat banks, ledges, walls, and more. Test you skill in the 6' bowl with 6' spine, elevator, and tombstone. Only skateboarding and in-line skating are permitted. All users should wear safety equipment, including helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards designed for skateboarding. The park is unsupervised. Users of this facility do so at their own risk. Use allowed in daylight hours only – the park is not lit for nighttime use.

The skateboard park is located at the west side of Centennial Community Centre on Bullock Drive at McCowan Road, just north of Markville Shopping Centre.

Springdale Park
Located south of 16th Ave, inside the Raymerville St Loop at the end of Norwich Dr. This park also includes open space and provides a wonderful mature woodlot and several recreational options such as the playground, a soccer field, and four Bocce courts.

Thornlea East Park
Located on the east side of Green Lane, east of Leslie Street. This park is located by Little German Mills Creek, and has a playground and one soccer field.

Toogood Pond
Located between Carlton and Kennedy, behind Unionville Public School. This park features a naturalized pond and marsh. A path circles the pond.

Victoria Square
Located at 18th Avenue and Woodbine Avenue. This park has two baseball diamonds and a playground.

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