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Saturday, 29-Apr-2017 19:09:48 EDT
your teen on books: ttyl
review by MACKENZIE HENDRY, age 14

ttyl | Lauren Myracle

The book 'ttyl' by Lauren Myracle is definitely different from any book I’ve ever seen or what the reader is used to reading. This entire series is told in an instant messaging format and is about three teenagers going through their high school lives. Their names are Angela (SnowAngel), Madison (madmaddie) and Zoe (zoegirl) and they’ve just started grade ten.

Maddie is always trying to prove to everyone how tough and spunky she can be. Her personality is very strong and sometimes gets really angry at times, blowing up at people who just want to help her or simply ignoring people who accidently hurt her. Maddie never intentionally lets people see how hurt she is, as that’s a part of her tough side or cool reputation.

Zoe, on the other hand, is pretty much as far away from the way Maddie behaves as it gets. Zoe is a pure, responsible good girl that pleases everyone – even adults! She’s honest and innocent, and the thing that makes Maddie’s blood boil is the fact that Zoe doesn’t swear! I can really connect to Zoe’s character, which is quite interesting as I have a younger sister named Zoë.

Angela is very girly, loud and fashionable who loves to speak her mind! Most of her characteristics remind me of my friend, especially because they both love to exaggerate!

I think Lauren Myracle wrote this book in the exact way that she did because it’s different. For example, if you walk through the halls of any school I’m sure you will notice that there are kids that are wearing clothing from the same five stores. The brand names come up over and over again and it’s as if nobody is different in their own unique way. It’s sort of the same for books. Authors write chapter books and picture books and story books in similar ways but I think Lauren Myracle is the first author to write a book told entirely in instant messages. This book is unique.

'ttyl' is the first book in the 'Internet Girls' series. In 2004, it gained attention for being the first novel written entirely in the style of instant messaging.

I think anyone who reads this book will be waiting on the edge of their seat until the next book comes out like I am now. There are three books in the series so far and they’re called 'ttyl, ttfn, l8r g8r' and a companion do-it-yourself book called 'bff.' I recommend these books because the author was clearly trying to relate to teenagers and preteens alike and I’d say she did a pretty good job! They’re funny, real and you can truly connect to the characters. On that note, ttfn!


14yr-old Mackenzie Hendry has been writing reviews for SayItCornell.com and SayItCanada.ca since she was 8yrs old. Always a passionate reader, she aspires to study Family Law in the future.

Mackenzie Hendry, age 14
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