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Saturday, 29-Apr-2017 19:15:52 EDT
your teen on books: stolen
review by WILLOW MACKINLAY, age 13

Stolen | Lucy Christopher

Children's literature has always been a passion for us. For seven years, we have included as part of our focus 'Book Reviews' for children as written by children. Our efforts continue now with our new 'Your Teen On Books' feature.

This is Willow's first submission for SayItCanada.ca. She's a little nervous but we have no doubt that her raw understanding of current literature will inspire her fellow teens across Canada.

Barely a teenager herself, Willow admits that she developed an interest in books just a few years ago while reading Libba Bray's 'The Sweet Far Thing'. Prior to the magic that captured her in this novel, Willow could barely manage a smile when she received books for Christmas or her birthday.

The point is, it doesn't matter where your child's reading interests are held. Eventually they will meet the book that will open the doors to the joy of reading for the rest of their lives. It only takes one book and with the selection of 'Book Reviews' we will continue to bring you here, we only hope that your children, tweens, and teens will simply be inspired.

Welcome to SayItCanada, Willow!


Stolen by Lucy Christopher is about British city-living teenager Gemma (16yrs-old) en route to a family vacation in Vietnam. At the terminal in Bangkok, she meets Ty – a mysterious and yet handsome stranger in the coffee shop.

Ty (25yrs-old) buys Gemma a coffee and she allows him to stir in the sugar and pour the milk. After a sip, fuzziness takes over her and her entire world is gone!

Gemma wakes up in a very remote area in Australia, not knowing how she got there. The little house is miles on end from anywhere in a rich red sandy landscape and she's warned that they're to get along before Ty goes 'stir crazy'. This, of course, would be difficult for Gemma as she's just learned of her abduction.

He stalked her and prepared for Gemma's arrival for about a decade. He built a house, a garden, and spent years purchasing all of the requirements for two people to live for the rest of their lives. This, in his mind, was to impress her but – guess again, Ty! – it really creeps her out! That's a whole new level of 'FREAKED' for the goody-two-shoes type, straight A student whose one goal is to get into the best schools.

Day by day, Gemma adjusts. She begins to learn about the man who's 'stolen her'. She tells herself that he's evil but slowly discovers that he's really sweet, kind, and considerate. He is a gentle character but never in his troubled life was he able to meet anyone's expectations. He shows her the secrets of the land and how to live freely. Oh, one more thing – she's falling for him!

Will she choose to be with Ty in the end, try to escape, or will there be a fork in the road that destroys both of their plans?

Get the book! I'm not going to tell you anything more! This story kept me awake at night wondering 'what will happen next'. I couldn't wait to read more. Truly amazing, I recommend it to all teens.

Willow MacKinlay, age 13
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