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Friday, 28-Apr-2017 02:09:28 EDT
kids' books: dragon's breath
review by MACKENZIE HENDRY, age 8

Dragon's Breath | ED Baker

Do you remember my Review on The Frog Princess? This is the sequel, Dragon's Breath by E.D. Baker. The last book ended with Emma's Aunt Grassina talking to Haywood, Grassina's long lost love that had been transformed into an otter by her mother (she thought Haywood wasn't good enough for her).

In Book Two, the adventure begins when Emma, Eadric, Aunt Grassina, and Haywood ask grandmother witch Olivene to turn Haywood back to human, but first, they meet Olefat on an island. Olefat takes memories away from the witches at the Retirement Centre – it should be easier if the old witch doesn't have her memory!

But Olivene eventually gets her memories back and sends Haywood to a place where he will forget he was ever human – in only three days. Will Haywood stay an otter forever?

Emma and Eadric are determined to get Haywood back to transform him into a human, rightfully. They travel to many places to collect what they will need to do this:

A gossamer hair from mother-of-pearl,
The breath of a dragon green.
A feather from an aged horse,
The husk from a magic bean.

My favourite adventure was when they went to get the gossamer hair – they entered a saltwater bowl and met mermaids (my mom would love to know this!):

"I don'tt mean to be nosy," I said, turning to Coral, "but how did you get a sea monster to work for you?"

Coral giggled and covered her mouth with her hand. "Octavius isn't a sea monster, he's an octopus! They make the best butlers. I don't know what I'd do without him. He can do more than one job at a time, and he's all the defense I need."

Octavius returned only a few minutes later with a large seashell. Extending his arm, he set it on the table in front of me. I heard a tiny pop as a disc on one of his arms let go of the shell, which looked like a flattened wheat bun sprinkled with sugar. Rubbing my fingers along a row of small holes, I wondered why anyone would think it special.

"Turn it over," urgerd Kelpia. The shell was rough and coarse, so I was surprised when I flipped it over and found a smooth, lustrous lining of creamy white with pink and blue shimmering highlights.

"Now, that's mother-of-pearl!" said Starr, the mermaid with the scarlet hair.

Another of my favourite parts is when they set out to get the dragon's breath. It's the title of the book, so it's an important part – yup, you will have to read the book for it. This book has been added to my favourites list – please read it. I gave this book 5 Stars!

See The Frog Princess, Dragon's Breath, Once Upon a Curse and No Place for Magic for more on this series.


Aspiring to be a writer one day, Mackenzie's current favourite author is Roald Dahl. This dynamic 8-year-old is ready to tell you all about his stories and more! What better way to find out which children's books are good than to choose them from Mackenzie's blossoming collection of Children's Book Reviews?

Mackenzie Hendry, age 8
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