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Friday, 28-Apr-2017 02:09:55 EDT
kids' books: the witches
review by MACKENZIE HENDRY, age 8

The Witches | Roald Dahl

Do you know what? I am going to tell you about another Roald Dahl book called The Witches. Some of the story takes place in Grandmamma's living room but the Grand High Witch appears on the hotel's stage. There are three key characters – so lets begin!

The Grand High Witch. She is the most gruesome witch in the world! She has a face of mold and it's rotting around the edges! The Grand High Witch also looks like all the other witches – bald, claws for hands, square toes instead of plump round ones, blue spit, and large nose holes. If you see anyone like this, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

Grandmamma. She is kind and knows a lot about witches. She looks after her No Name grandson after the accident and tells him tall tales about the witches' treachery and evil ways and warns what they could do to him. She is mostly boring but No Name doesn't feel that way about her – she is his amazing Grandmamma!

No Name. The main character tells the story and we never hear his name, that's why I call him No Name. He is an orphan who was injured in a car accident and then lives with his Grandmamma. There is a big surprise for him in the story but I will only give you a sneak peek from his adventure:

I remember thinking to myself, "There is no escape for me now! Even if I make a run for it and manage to dodge the lot of them, I still won't get out because the doors are chained and locked! I'm finished! I'm done for! Oh, Grandmamma, what are they going to do to me?"

I like this book too because of the funny things the evil witches do. Roald Dahl makes The Witches fun to read and I couldn't put my book down until it was done! You won't either.


Aspiring to be a writer one day, Mackenzie's current favourite author is Roald Dahl. This dynamic 8-year-old is ready to tell you all about his stories and more! What better way to find out which children's books are good than to choose them from Mackenzie's blossoming collection of Children's Book Reviews?

Mackenzie Hendry, age 8
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