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Saturday, 29-Apr-2017 19:13:37 EDT
kids' books: charlie and the chocolate factory
review by MACKENZIE HENDRY, age 8

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | Roald Dahl

Today I will be sharing with you my book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. This story takes place in Mr. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory that is fifty times bigger than any other chocolate factory in the world – at least, it is in the book and that’s what makes it real!

There are six characters in this story that I would like to tell you about: Augustus, Mike, Violet, Veruca, and the main character is Charlie. These children are invited with their parents to the Chocolate Factory for an adventure. Mr. Wonka, also one of the main characters, is the magical mastermind who will pick a winner for a surprise at the end of the factory’s tour. Something happens to each of the children as they visit different rooms in the factory – I will add what will happen to Violet later on but let me tell you first a little bit about Augustus.

Augustus is a greedy boy who snatches food right out of your hands just to stuff it into his own mouth! Hmmm, maybe that’s why that happened to him – but you'll have to read the book to find out!

Mike is very different from Augustus. He is a couch potato who loves violence but HATES chocolate! Because he watches TV all day long, his behaviour is upset and angry. He is like that all the time.

Violet, the first girl on my list, is a non-stop gum chewer who is very competitive and loves to win. Unfortunately, she always rubs it in when she does and NOBODY likes that! Do you? This is what happens to Violet in the story. Remember, she is a non-stop gum chewer!

Everybody was watching Violet Beauregarde as she stood there chewing this extraordinary gum. Little Charlie was staring at her absolutely spellbound, watching her huge rubbery lips as they pressed and unpressed with the chewing, and Grandpa Joe stood beside him, gaping at the girl. Mr. Wonka was wringing his hands and saying, "No, no, no, no, no! It isn't ready for eating! It isn't right! You mustn't do it!"

"Blueberry pie and cream!" shouted Violet. "Here it comes! Oh my, it's perfect! It's beautiful! It's... it's exactly as though I am swallowing it! It's as though I'm chewing and swallowing great big spoonfuls of the most marvellous blueberry pie in the world!"

"Good heavens, girl!" shrieked Mrs. Beauregarde suddenly, staring at Violet, "What's happening to your nose!"

"Oh, be quiet, mother, and let me finish!" said Violet.

"It's turning blue!" screamed Mrs. Beauregarde. "Your nose is turning as blue as a blueberry!"

Then there’s Veruca. Veruca is incredible but NOT in a good way. She is a spoiled BRAT who stomps her feet and talks with closed teeth when she demands that she wants something. Her dad normally just says, “All right, my pet. I will get that for you.”

Charlie, again the main character, was the opposite of all the other children. Well, he was an angel! He was well-behaved, didn’t snatch things from your hand, he wasn’t a couch potato, he wasn’t competitive, and he never asked for anything or complain even when there was nothing to eat since his family was so poor. All he wished for was to go to the famous chocolate factory and he got his chance to go with his Grandpa Joe. Charlie is my favourite character in this story.

Mr. Willy Wonka, the mystery man who creates magic and wonderful sweet chocolate, is the type of character that nobody can describe! And Roald Dahl does such a good job that I think you should just read the book to get a taste of this guy! I am not kidding! He IS pretty cool and in a GOOD way!

I really like this book because it is written by my favourite author who has also written The BFG, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Matilda, and many more! His stories make me laugh a lot. I think you should read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it is full of magic and adventure. Don’t you want to find out what happens to all the kids? Wouldn’t you like to imagine what would happen to you if you were in the story? I did.


Aspiring to be a writer one day, Mackenzie's current favourite author is Roald Dahl. This dynamic 8-year-old is ready to tell you all about his stories and more! What better way to find out which children's books are good than to choose them from Mackenzie's blossoming collection of Children's Book Reviews?

Mackenzie Hendry, age 8
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