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Friday, 28-Apr-2017 02:11:26 EDT
ask sean: seduction
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Hey, kids! And we're back! Ask Sean had to skip a week because of some horrific issues at work (I had to work), but now I'm back. And in this week's exciting adventure, we are going to be talking about the difference between love and addiction – there is a huge difference that most people don't notice when they're in the midst of it. Next, we'll be talking about the art of seduction – what men need to figure out and what men already know. And finally, we're going to be talking about which sex likes sex more.

All right, kids, another exciting episode is about to commence, so let the adventure begin...



My baby daddy and I have been together for two years now. Last month we got into a big argument and he kicked me and our daughter out. Now, he wants to work it out. He treats me like his girlfriend and tells me loves and misses me all the time. He wants me to come over and cook for him. Yet he's always reminding me we're not together...

I haven't talked to anyone else since it happened because I love him and want to work it out. But I've caught him talking to several other chicks and even asking one of them out to dinner. If I did this, he'd flip out.

Today he called me a b*tch and said he wished he had never had a baby with me because I made a big deal out of the fact that he didn't want to watch our child tonight while I worked. He was too tired. Yet I watch her all day, every day. Sick, tired, etc.

I'm not sure what to do about him anymore. I love him, but I'm tired of being treated like this. And he doesn't see anything wrong with how he treats me. Any advice?

SEAN says:
All right, let's dig in... You don't love him – you're addicted to him. Huge difference.

If you loved him, you'd love how he treats you and you obviously don't.

But just like a drug addict, you are addicted to him and all of the emotions that he lets you feel (emotions are the most powerful of drugs). It's going to take a while, but you need to find some pride in you. Make yourself so awesome that you feel strong emotions about how awesome you are every day. Have a reason to live and rock life that is not dependent on any other person but you. Then you'll never have to settle for anyone's poor treatment of you ever again.

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Seduction is not lying. Seduction is not moving in on the drunken girl, and it is not nagging a woman to death. Seduction is an art, seduction is a skill.

For the men who can't figure it out, what are some tips?

SEAN says:
The big revelation that most men need to make is that seduction is beyond words. You don't need words at all to seduce a girl and frankly, that is what f*cks most men up. They try to frantically think of what words to say to her to make her panties drop. This is why guys are so fixed on the idea of having a good 'pick up line'. But the words you say are totally unnecessary.

It's all about body language. Eye contact is huge. It's how you look at her, how you touch her, how you kiss her, how you taste her, how you smell her. Sex is very primal and animals use no words to demonstrate their intentions. So learn to use your body to communicate all of the things to her body. Learn what her body is telling you. Hair flips, dilated pupils, full lips, biting the lower lip, heaving breasts, legs leaning towards you, shy looks, etc, etc, etc.

Women are brilliant at body language and that is why they are better communicators than men. If you want to be good at seducing your girl, learn how to speak with your body language and watch how the magic happens for you.

The next level of that is to learn how to use sexual tension:

  • An innocent touch, then lean back;
  • Move the hair out of her eyes, lean back; and,
  • Touch her lips, turn away.

Building anticipation creates value and value is everything. Consider that when the present is still wrapped under the tree, you are filled with wonder and excitement at trying to surmise what it could be. That is value. Having someone just give you a pair of socks has no value. So tease her. Make her beg you for it. Make her swoon for you. Raise the value of the seduction by taking your time and making it valuable to her (and you).

Anticipation is a huge key to seduction – wanting what you don't yet have. If you learn how to use that body language I mentioned above in a way to raise the sexual anticipation, you can expect her to be 'ravaging' you sometime that night. It is so powerful and makes things so much more exciting.

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Just a curious question... Do men want sex more than women?

SEAN says:
Great question. No. Women want sex just as much as men.

But women want good sex. They want to be seduced like in the answer above. Women want to feel something before they feel 'his something'. Too many guys forget that this is how to make the sex exciting for her and this is what you need to make relationships spicy.

Now some may argue ‘I want sex but he/she ain't putting out'... Well in general, the reason for a lack of sex between partners is about a disconnect. That disconnect can be a spiritual connection that is lost, emotional, illness, stress, fatigue, stigma etc. Sometimes we forget how easy it is to let life get in the way of great sex. But barring those things, we'd be on each other 24/7.

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Sean Michael
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