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Saturday, 29-Apr-2017 19:11:56 EDT
ask sean: how long can he last?
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Learn how to 'last longer'. Beat the statistics and better yet, PLEASE her.
Ask Sean.

Welcome back, kids. This week on Ask Sean, we are going to be doing a big of chatting on divorce – why it happens, how to stop it, and when to just embrace the idea of kicking them to the curb.

And then we are going to be delving into a subject that I suspect a few of you men suffer from, but not as much suffering as the ladies are known to experience. That would be... the premature ejaculation. We're going to be learning how long the average web-slinger lasts! And then we're going to look at ways to make you become that 'gift to women' you always hoped to become...

Let's dig in, shall we?


I heard on the news tonight that in America, an average marriage ends every 13secs. This is really sad. They also said in some other countries, their citizens have to wait five to six years to be granted a divorce, which actually causes many to resolve their issues. What are your views on divorce and how would you avoid it, if you were married?

Would you make it not so easy to divorce? Thanks!

SEAN says:
Frankly, I'm of two very different minds on the topic. On one hand, I find that society is very fickle nowadays. It's a penalty of having so many options given to us that we fear ‘settling' on the wrong choice. It also makes the grass look greener whilst looking upon all of the young hot fields.

On the other hand, people nowadays have trouble investing in themselves. Learning to become a better person, taking some courses, learning new skills, getting exercise to be healthy – these things are replaced with ‘Pass me another beer, the Leafs are about to lose again' (I thought I'd add some Canadian content this week (wink!)). If all you do is work, get drunk, and play some Xbox, how is your life even worth sharing with another person?

So basically, I find that a lot of people are letting their relationships fall apart because they lose pride in themselves, in who they chose, and don't invest in trying to make their lives (and their lives together) worth living.

However, I also think that staying together with someone that is destructive to your body, self-esteem, and / or ‘for the kids' is also wrong. Kids don't learn from what you tell them but rather from what you show them... If you show them that you aren't worth some respect from your mate, then they will become exactly what you hate about yourself.

So ya, I think that if you go into a marriage together and invest in both yourselves and the relationship together, it will pay off huge and you will live happy lives together. But don't stick around just because you 'should'. Keep in mind that from a natural point of view, we are not a monogamous species. Even in the Bible, men had many wives. It is a social construct that makes us choose to be monogamous. So only commit to someone if you really want to be with them – only.

Basically, divorce all boils down to a similar belief that I have with abortion. Yes it should be available to people in need – but they should be responsible enough to not be using it as their prime birth control method. If things aren't working out with the marriage, it is time to move on. But if you're using it because you weren't responsible enough to have a real relationship, then don't get married in the first place. The waiting six years thing sounds like a good idea for those that aren't responsible about the whole thing, but it's more of a bandaid for people who should be more mature about their relationships in the first place.

Oh, and for the record, if you are a man / boy / punk who hits women or abuses women in anyway way (sexually, emotionally, physically), then F*CK YOU WITH A SHARP STICK! I have as much respect for you as I do for pedophiles and murderers. Get your shit together.

Do you have a question?


How long do men last??

SEAN says:
Well, as it turns out, the average time that men last 'in bed' is only three to seven minutes – that's it. And I'm sure a few women out there reading this will attest to the three-minute mark, being the high water mark for some. That said, some men out there are pulling the average down.

Now I'm sure you're not asking because you are interested in statistics or because you are lasting for hours and hours and hurting your poor girl, but rather to try and learn how to improve your high score... Well there are a few things you can try. Some of the classics are to take care of business on your own beforehand – fire one off before meeting your girl should help raise your duration with her. You can try to think of Baseball or Curling (even more Canadian content today!) when you are intimate with her. You can even purchase a cock ring in order to help calm the storm while keeping your wand in action.

But what I would actually recommend is something that will make you have a lot more fun and become a bit of a rarity amongst the boys out there – learn how to have multiple orgasms. If you can hone 'your best friend' into a multiple-shot wonder, you can literally go on all day / night long. So here's how:

  • Calm down your breathing... in through the nose, out through the mouth, calm and slow. If you've ever done martial arts, you know that keeping your breathing slowed down and under control will help you with your focus;
  • Strengthen your Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. This is the muscle inside of you that would stop the stream of pee and is also the one that fires your juice. You can flex this muscle any time through the day without anyone noticing. Try flex it for ten seconds, then release, then ten seconds, etc... until it's stronger;
  • Next level is to work your buddy up until the moment of release – but not to release. You need to get used to knowing where the point of no return is. I'm pretty sure you're a Master at practicing to completion already, so I won't bother with much more instruction than that. (wink);
  • And finally, as you've mastered yourself to know when your gunk is about to explode, squeeze your PC muscle before it happens. This is not going to feel as intense as a regular orgasm at first, but it will feel more and more intense as you keep going. And when you finally do... choose to let loose after a few of these smaller orgasms. That final one will be super intense, more so than you've felt ever before; and,
  • The final step is to do this with your lady friend. But be prepared for lots of adulation and gifts in your honour.

Anyway kids, there you go for this week. I'm pretty sure that if you read about how to have multiple orgasms first, you won't need to read about the divorce one!

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