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Friday, 28-Apr-2017 02:11:13 EDT
ask sean: annual first date
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Take your daughter out on a 'proper' date.
Ask Sean.

As predicted last week, we have more questions based on the theme of how to pick up the ladies. Always a fun topic so who am I to rock the boat and not answer? We are going to be starting off with an interesting question about how some guys have that magic touch that makes the ladies do anything for them, while other guys get shut down with just vanilla sex. This is an important topic if you ever wanted to know how to spice up your sex life and make her beg for more.

Next, we look into the serious issue of what to do if your teenage daughter is posting provocative photos on social media. Why it happens, and then how to stop it. All parents need to read this one...

And finally, we are going to look at why a girl's advice is usually the worst when you're looking for the reason why a relationship didn't work.

We've got another sexciting week of questions for you, so let's get to it!


From my experience, I have noticed that some women will let only certain men do almost anything he wants to do to her, and other men are left in the cold. I have asked other women, they called me an ass. I've heard women talk about guys they look at, have sex with, and do anything for. And for the men they date or even marry they get 'left overs'.

I'm usually the one getting the left overs. I have an amazing woman now, but in the past I got nothing I wanted. It's usually the nice guys that get left overs, the so-called bad boys that use-and-abuse, get-all-they-want and yet still can't be trusted.

SEAN says:
The trust issue is huge with women. A lot of guys like to say casual things like, 'Oh that girl is a slut' – or – 'She's such a whore because she does X.' They don't realize that if their girl sees them judging other girls (negatively or positively even), she knows that he is also judging her. If a girl feels judged, she will never do anything kinky with you because she doesn't feel comfortable.

And as far as the bad boy thing goes, it's not the fact that he's abusive or a jerk. It's the fact that he triggers her emotions. If you are a nice guy that triggers her emotions and she feels safe with you, she will do anything with you too.

The reason nice guys have trouble getting girls is because they are boring. They don't have their own opinions, they don't have goals for their lives, they give her everything she asks for and it all just bores her. Bad boys trigger the girls' emotions (good or bad) by not giving them everything, having their own opinions, goals etc. They make girls feel something.

As far as sex goes, if all you do is roll on her and roll off of her, how can she see that as exciting? If you flirt and tease, strong eye contact that looks into her soul, touch her, lick her, make her frantic, make her eyes roll back into her head like a shark, etc, then she will do anything for you.

Also, stop asking for permission on everything. If you have to ask if a girl wants you to kiss her, you've lost all of the nervous tension that was triggering her emotions up to that moment. Just make her tingle and she will beg to do the dirtiest things that you've always wanted to do.

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Ok, I need some help here... It's not a sex question but I really need some advice on parenting. Last night my step-daughter (17yrs) asked me to help her figure out how to send pics from her Kindle. Well, I opened up her photo album and discovered that she has a lot of very provocative and teasing pics. We have had this issue before with her phone so we took it away... Obviously the Kindle will be next.

We've had talks about the issue and done the whole grounding thing... Is there anything else we can do to make her realize that this is not appropriate or should we just accept the fact that she is almost a grown adult?

SEAN says:
It's usually a daddy issue that makes girls try to get all of the attention they can from guys. I'd try to get her dad / father figure to bridge the relationship with her – so that she feels the closeness that she needs / craves. Every girl wants to feel like daddy's little princess. It sucks when dads don't realize how big their role really is. Try to get a few father / daughter days in so she learns she has the respect of the most important guy in her life. Then she won't look for (unfavourable) male attention elsewhere.

For an idea on how to do this, here's an interesting take that my cousin shared with me recently (she has four daughters and two step-daughters):

‘We have agreed to do one thing, one thing that most (step)dads or father figures never think of... When a girl is beginning to mature – and then annually thereafter – a dad / stepdad / father figure asks their 'daughter' out on a date to set an example of how a gentleman should treat her without her having to resort to gimmicks to get male attention.

The simulated 'date' requires 'dad' to open doors, pull out and tuck in her chair, pour a (virgin) drink for her, engage in friendly conversation about 'her', elbows off the table and chew with a closed mouth, hats off, pay for the meal, walk beside her on the correct side of the sidewalk closest to the road (to protect her from traffic), and explain everything as the evening progresses – right down to an evening kiss (on the cheek in this case) and see her to her door safely.

This should establish expectations about a girl's sense of relationships and respect throughout life – and it sets a bar for her future treatment from her male admirers. It takes practice. It's a father (figure)'s responsibility not to fail her.

A mother could do the same in a reverse situation as well. I don't have any sons but that would make sense to me...'

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What's your opinion on this... When things don't work out with a girl, do you just move on and never talk again or do you ever ask her honest feedback?

SEAN says:
I've never not had things work out with a girl. (wink)

Nah... You can ask a girl what she thinks went wrong, but you're looking for a logical explanation and girls will answer with an emotional one like, 'I just see you as a friend.' Translation, she didn't feel emotions for you. You want to know what you said or did that stopped that from happening – and she just knows that it didn't happen. So her feedback will be useless to you.

Logic can't talk to emotions; emotions can't talk to logic.

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Sean Michael
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On SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2013 at 9:18pm EST from VANCOUVER, BC

YAQ Re: Leftovers. I personally resonate with this statement. Male or female, lover or friend, trust is always at the root of all comfort.

"The trust issue is huge with women. A lot of guys like to say casual things like, 'Oh that girl is a slut' – or – 'She's such a whore because she does X.' They don't realize that if their girl sees them judging other girls (negatively or positively even), she knows that he is also judging her. If a girl feels judged, she will never do anything kinky with you because she doesn't feel comfortable."




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