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Friday, 28-Apr-2017 02:09:18 EDT
ask sean: double standard
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Does size really matter?
Ask Sean.

All right kiddies, we need your questions so don't forget to submit yours for next week's Ask Sean. Moving on to this week's episode, it is coming a little later than normal and only has two questions and answers. But they are big ones! Huge ones! Enormous ones! Or maybe that's just the camera angles... We are going to address the question I see the absolute most: Does penis size really matter? What say you? Do girls really get a little more freaky if you're swinging a hammer? What if you've only got a nail? Time to find out...

But before we get to that, we need to address a double standard in our society. How come if a girl sleeps around with a lot of guys, she is deemed a slut? How come the guy is deemed a stud when he does the same? We shall dig into that too.

So here we go. Sit back in your favourite computer chair, sip from that pint of scotch in front of you, and settle in for awesomeness... Dig in!


I can't help but to wonder why it is that women who have many sex partners is a bad thing, that names and rumors go around about her, but when a guy does it, it's okay. Can you please help me understand this?

SEAN says:
It's evolutionary genetics. If a girl gets preggers with another guy's seed, then he is spending his resources to let the other guy's genes succeed while his do not.

Do you know why the penis is shaped like it is? The head of it actually acts like a pump, so when he thrusts inside, the head of the penis actually 'dredges' fluid out. It was designed that way to actually pull another man's sperm out of her if she has slept with someone else. 

If you read Sperm Wars, you will also discover that there are three kinds of sperm:

  • the runners that go after the eggs;
  • the defencemen that have multiple tails and heads that block the progress of another man's sperm; and,
  • the hunterd / killers that actually inject 'poison' into sperm that aren't matching the same genetic code as their maker.

Our genes have designed many ways to make sure that our genes survive.

You also have to keep in mind that 10-20% of children in the world have a different father than who they think is their dad. This is because, it is in a woman's genetic interest to mate with the best genes she can get. A woman is far more likely to orgasm for a lover than for her mate, and the act of orgasming helps his sperm impregnate her. Physically this is because her cervix dips into the seminal pool during her orgasm to suck up the sperm. Women will try to get with the alpha male in order to get his genes, but stay with the beta male in order to have a provider to help raise her kids. Rarely does the beta ever assume she cheated.

Anyway, that is why girls are generally judged badly for sleeping around and guys are not. A 'slut' is more likely to not be having your kid so finding someone 'innocent' is more likely to make your genes live on to eternity...

Do you have a question?


One friend said if the guy doesn't have at least 9.5 inches, she won't do anything for him that he wants. He only gets the stripped down version of sex, the plain jane.

SEAN says:
Wow, that sucks for about 3.5 billion guys then.

Your friend doesn't know shit. The reason most guys have trouble getting girls is because they are boring. They don't have their own opinions, they don't have goals for their lives, they give her everything she asks for – and it all just bores her. Guys that trigger girls' emotions by not giving them everything, having their own opinions, goals etc make girls feel something.

As far as sex goes, if all you do is roll on her and roll off of her, how can she see that as exciting? If you flirt and tease, strong eye contact that looks into her soul, touch her, lick her, make her frantic etc, then she will do anything for him. Drive her emotions up and she is yours. Also, stop asking for permission for everything. If you have to ask if a girl wants you to kiss her, you've lost all of the nervous tension that was triggering her emotions up to that moment. Just make her tingle and she will beg to do the dirtiest things that you've always wanted to do.

Watching too much porn might make you think that it's too small and that all pornstars are carrying 15-inch hammers. Here are some facts about male porn stars:

  • Jeff Stryker: 7.5 inches;
  • Kris Lord: 8 inches;
  • Peter North: 8.5 inches;
  • Ryan Idol: 7 inches;
  • Ron Jeremy: 9.8 inches; and,
  • Tommy Gunn: 7 inches.

Camera angles and the fact that the girls are generally 5'2" and under, make the effect seem far more impressive.

The size doesn't matter – it's knowing how to make the girl tingle, feel safe, unjudged, and thrilled to be with her guy that makes her want to do crazy things to impress him.

Be a man and don't worry so much about your manhood.

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Sean Michael
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